About Us

Welcome to The Spread Advertisement

Spread advertisement is an influencer marketing organization that is devoted to using Influencer Marketing to scale your brand and its followers. We’re constantly working towards the growth and visibility of your brand and product.

In today’s era, people don’t even watch advertisements they choose authenticity over flashy gimmicks, sales pitches and false commitments. We are an acclaimed influencer marketing company in India. Through our reliable and valid channels, your target audiences are more likely to respond to and act

Who Are We?

With +5 years of experience, we at spread advertisement are focused to create content-oriented influencer campaigns to personalize your brand association for the niche consumer. Through our campaigns we drive brand visibility, generate consumer loyalty, and positive growth on the revenue graph.

Our company believes that what sets a brand apart is its story – and our Content Driven Influencers can magically weave your story.

Our company is associated with renowned influencers who will help you to establish your brand amongst your target audience. We can create the core campaign concept based on the USPs of your product and convert them into potentially viral social media content.

Within our network of impactful influencers, we choose the specific ones who can create contextual content that essays your brand story. We design our strategies according to your feasibility and requirements.

We’re a team of experienced entrepreneurs, marketers & tech geeks who believe that marketing can be done through a magical stick of social media. We know that power of social media must lie with the people. All we do is blend technology & people just create a market for your potential customers.

What makes us Novel?

  • 5+ Years Experience
  • 150+ Trustworthiness
  • Personal Attention to clients
  • Data-driven approach
  • Quick and efficient results
  • Boost organic traffic and engagement
  • Unique and fresh content


  • Commitment driven
  • Insightful minds
  • Proficiency
  • Positive ambience
  • Innovation oriented



What We Do?

Mission & Vision?

Spread Advertisement work with a mission to be the No.1 Influencer marketing agency at an international level. We are committed to protecting the authenticity and ethics of our clients’ information. Our vision is to educate the world about the power of storytelling. Let us create that is the one-stop solution for brands as well as influencers together!


Our 6-D Process



With us discover the unique and effective ways to knowledge and understand your potential client. We believe in finding out of box strategies for you and your business. Stay connected.



With our cost-effective and efficient ways, define the value of your product or services. To highlight your value is our main goal.



With us get the novel and creative design for your products as we believe our clients deserve best in the industry.



We always try to develop your imagination into reality. We are here to improve your business.



Our goal is to deploy the best services to our clients. From scratch to the frame we are with you throughout the journey.



Our dedicated team will always put efforts to meet deadlines and deliver you the best. Your business growth and satisfaction is the only priority we have.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Spread Advertisement should always be your priority because our approach is to combine the understanding of the potential market with a commitment to meeting the business goals of our clients. Our team is diverse and talented in all aspects of content creation. Our team initially understands your needs and then creates the content that’ll work in favour of both the brand and the influencer – we create a perfect digital campaign for your business.

With 5+ years of experience in the social media realm, our team understands its working in depth.

Already 150+ top brands trust us for their marketing campaigns.

We provide every client with undivided attention for optimal teamwork.

Our team leverages latest trends and user generated content to create the most efficient campaign.

We have our 50+ hardworking team. which helps to work fast. 




We now the value of our project. Because this helps to grow our clients business and motivation. 

Organic traffic is the most important form of traffic you can get to your website. It is more important than paid traffic, youtube traffic or traffic from other social media networks.

Fresh content is the main part of any video or blogs. Because it helps to attract audience on your website or social media pages and videos.

Some Numbers

This numbers showing our total achievement

1 M+
1 B+
Youtube Views
1 +
1 k+